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We're working on our website but, don't worry! You can still contact us!
Phone: 740.666.8902

Key Services

  • Floodway/Floodplain Modeling

  • Erosion Control and Stabilization

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan 

  • NPDES Permitting

  • Post Construction Water Quality Design

  • FEMA Mapping and Map Revisions

  • Pipe and Culvert Design and Analysis

  • ODNR Dam Safety

  • Run-Off Calculations and Flood Methodology

  • Inlet Spacing Calculations for Curb Inlets

  • Detention and Retention Basin Design

  • Underground Storm Water Storage System Design

  • Environmental Studies/Assessments

  • Water Resources/Design

  • Detailed Grading Plans 

  • Earthwork Balance

  • Sanitary Sewer Design and Permitting

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